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Some Days Are Better

Some days are better than others. It’s true for me, true for you and true for your customers. Some days really, really make you wish you’d stayed in bed. I had one of those yesterday. Won’t share all the details, but it culminated in a whole meatloaf I accidentally threw away (don’t ask) and an appointment at the Genius bar in the Apple store…. Except my appointment was made for the Woodland store (in Grand Rapids, MI) not the Woodland Hills store here in Tulsa, OK.
Nothing that happened qualified as a disaster or life-altering tragedy… Been through those and I *do* understand the difference.
What do you do on those days? When nothing is really wrong, but nothing is right, either? I think those days are the true test of our resolve to go forward, to be nice, to choose good. Even the selfish can respond unselfishly to a tragedy, but how we respond to the minor annoyances, set backs and irritations on a daily basis is indicitive of our true character. And, fundamental to the character of our business.
Would you want your clients to watch you deal with rude people in line at the movies? Or with the drycleaner counter staff who mixed up your clothes? Guess what… Potential ones ARE watching. Act accordingly.


Project Convergence

It’s Sunday, but my weekend is suffering from a case of project convergence. It’s what happens when all your project planning goes awry (sometimes through no fault of your own) and multiple project deadlines converge. I work well under pressure; in fact, some of my very best work & ideas happen under the threat of imminent deadline. However, I can still only get through X amount of work in Y time. When a serious case of convergence happens, it can be paralyzing… Where to start? I can’t get it all done in time!! The planning for failure starts: who to e-mail or voicemail asking for an extension? Are there any shortcuts out there? And so begins the “research” into working & planning to work instead of actually working. Rather than spend time planning how to come up short & disappoint, I’ve learned that
my only way forward is to quickly prioritze based on what I think I can accomplish and start tackling that list.
Usually, I complete far more work than my panicked, convergence-resisting self thought possible.
Don’t paralyze yourself with a complete project list of all the things you can’t accomplish (in the time you have, anyway). Just start… Creativity has a momentum all its own and you’ll likely amaze yourself.

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Reconnect With Why You Love What You Do

Feeling dry? Try some quality professional development for inspiration.

Feeling dry? Try some quality professional development for inspiration.

I attended the half-day Tulsa Print Show today, put on by CPSolutions in Tulsa. I almost didn’t go… so many deadlines and projects that need attention right now! But I did… and I had a great time. I learned many tips and tricks to put to use in the Adobe CS4 environment (when I get it… but that’s another story). I also brought back new paper sample books (always a great source of inspiration) and other useful stuff like envelope templates, letter openers, and a way cool combo pen/highlighter.
The most important thing I brought back, though, was a renewed excitement about my chosen career and appreciation for the talent and innovation out there. I love what I do, and today helped me reconnect with why I love it… and that was definitely worth the half-day I devoted to the cause.
The bottom line? If you have the opportunity for quality professional development, take it… yes, you’ll get up that morning feeling pressured about looming deadlines that you have less time to meet, but you’ll go to bed that night inspired to take them on in new and exciting ways.

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