About Mandy Vavrinak

Professional Me:

I am:
> A marketing pro, including advertising, PR and social media channels.
> A writer, speaker, teacher – and that makes sense, if you think about it, because good marketing is really about creating connections. Connections require communication. I work hard to be an excellent communicator through written, spoken and demonstrative communication.
>A designer – primarily print, but I work with some fabulous people who design primarily for the digital realm.
> An experienced strategist – I believe in the necessity of investigation & understanding before attempting to market some thing, some one, an idea, place or space. We help clients with all sorts of strategy questions, not just marketing strategy. We specialize in facilitated meetings to brainstorm and develop ideas to questions like…

Our market is static. How can we apply what we know to something new? How/where can we grow?

We need to attract new businesses to our town. What do we *really* have to offer? How do we quantify it, package it, sell it?

What should our internal structure look like if we are to achieve our goals… and do our goals make sense?
> An efficient executor of tactics – Because no client has ever – EVER – said to me that the budget is unlimited, just do what I want.

I really love what I do. People trust me with their business, their baby… they want it to grow and thrive and I take that challenge and the responsibility to make it happen very seriously.

My Business is Crossroads Communications, LLC. You can visit our about-to-be-updated site here:
Or you can e-mail me: mandy at crossroadscommunications dot com.

Personal Me:

I am:
> A wife and the mom of 4 chidren. One starting high school, one just starting life – #babyV, born May 26, 2009. Also a lovely almost-7-yr-old daughter and a 4-yr-old son.
> A lover of chocolate.
> An avid reader when I get the chance.
> An avowed Apple user.

And, I detest dusting. Really, really hate it.

  1. Chris Walsh (walshmuse)
    August 3, 2009 at 8:38 AM

    Hi Mandy, I did send you a tweet last night since I was unable to DM you in Twitter. I checked your Twitter page this morning, and it’s missing?!

    You can contact me about the CSS at the mail address I gave you.

    All the best,
    Chris Walsh

    • August 3, 2009 at 8:47 AM

      Chris, I removed the Twitter feed widget from the sidebar of my blog, is that what you mean? If you mean my Twitter account/page isn’t showing up for you… Yikes! That is not good at all! And I’m following you as of (very late) last night, so DMs should work now. 🙂

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